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Nation demonstrates solidarity with Kashmiris

Rally on Kashmir solidarity daypic syed munawar hasan feb 5Lahore: The nation observed Kashmir Solidarity Day with great enthusiasm all over the country on Tuesday, renewing its resolve to continue total moral and political support to the oppressed Kashmiris till they achieve their right to self determination.

Tens of thousands of people turned out on roads in the federal and provincial capitals and major cities in spite of showers and chilly winds, to demonstrate their commitment to the just cause of the Kashmiris and to denounce continuing Indian brutalities on them for the last six decades.

Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, and Hizbul Mujahideen’s Supreme Commander Syed Salahud Din, addressed a big rally in the Punjab capital, while central and provincial JI leaders led the rallies and procession in different cities.

In his address, Syed Munawar Hasan JI’s said that the Kashmiris were fighting Pakistan’s war as India had been occupying Pakistan’s jugular vein for the last sixty years and the Kashmiris were sacrificing their lives to free it from Indian hold.
He clarified that the JI was not against dialogue with New Delhi on Kashmir, but it could not endorse talks aimed at pushing the real issue to the back burner and for trade of onions and potatoes.
He said that civil and military governments in the country had been holding talks with India. In 1962, marathon talks spread over six months were held between the two countries but New Delhi’s intransigence to term Kashmir as its integral part rendered the talks futile. India had always deceived Pakistan under the cover of dialogue. Therefore, he said, it was high time that the rulers in Islamabad became wise so far as India was concerned.

The JI Ameer said that so far, the Kashmiri masses and their youth were showing remarkable patience and looking up to the United Nations. However, now they seemed to be losing their patience. He warned New Delhi that its most modern war machinery could not avert its total disintegration as had been the case of Soviet Union.
Syed Munawar Hasan, said that the so called military and the civil rulers of the country had been damaging the Kashmir cause. India was not only holding Kashmir on gun point, it was also doing incalculable harm to this country by building dams on Pakistan’s rivers with the intention to turn this country into a desert. Besides, India was trying its best to destabilize this country by causing anarchy in Balochistan. He said that Pervez Musharrfaf had done maximum harm to Kashmir cause by beginning trade with India, while the present government had faithfully toed Musharraf’ line and was talking of declaring India as Most Favourite country.

Syed Salahud Din, in his address, said that the Kashmiris had begun their independence struggle on their own, and it would continue till total independence. He said that the indifference of the world powers or the alien attitude of Islamabad could not lower their morale. He said that India had declared Pakistan as its Most Favourite country sixteen years ago but the Pakistani rulers could not do the same under the fear of public wrath, nor was that possible till the liberation of Kashmir. He said that all plans in this respect were a clear treachery with the Kashmiri martyrs blood.

JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, said that our relationship with the Kashmiris was that of humanity and Islam and the hearts of the Kashmiris and the Pakistanis throbbed together. He said that the Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had declared Kashmir as Pakistan’s life line. India had been perpetrating untold brutalities on the Kashmiris but they were ready for every sacrifice for their liberation.

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