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Minorities should be given equal rights:Senator Kamran Michael

Lahore: Senator Kamran Michael has said that PML-N fully supports to enhance the number of seats of the minorities in national and provincial assemblies with the ratio of their population.

In a statement here today, Senator Kamran Michael said that with the increase of number of seats of minorities in assemblies, they will find an opportunity to include in the mainstream of national development. He said that PML-N has always practically encouraged the participation of minorities in every sector of life and gave top priority to their welfare. Senator Kamran Michael said that majority or minority is not standard of patriotism and we as minority have full love, sincerity and loyalty with Pakistan.

Senator Kamran Michael said that Kamran Micheal should be given equal rights as per constitution of Pakistan. He said that leadership of PML-N does not believe in mere slogans and the history was written on the day when he was appointed as first minority Finance Minister of Punjab and then elected representative of all minorities in Senate. He expressed the hope that all the political parties will unanimously support the bill for enhancing seats of minorities. He said that PML-N will play its positive role for the welfare of the minorities and fully support to enhance seats for minorities.

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