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PML-N will not allow anyone to undermine democracy:Senator Pervaiz Rashid

Lahore:Senator Pervaiz Rashid has said that while justifying his long march, Tahir ul Qadri is never tired of citing the example of the long march of President PML-N Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for the restoration of judiciary but it is lamentable that during his visit to Karachi, he did not go and offered Fateha at the memorial of those who were martyred on May 12 while receiving the Chief Justice.

In a statement, Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that though Tahir ul Qadri expresses his confidence in independent judiciary but he neither has place in his heart nor the time for those who sacrificed their lives for restoration of judiciary. He said it is a fact that when judiciary was suspended in the country and the respect and dignity of judges was violated, Tahir ul Qadri was leading a life of luxury under so called self-exile like General Musharraf.

He said that when the people of Pakistan were facing oppression in the form of bullets and tear gas on the roads of Islamabad in extreme heat for the restoration of judiciary, Tahir ul Qadri was engaged in research on some “agenda” in a pleasant atmosphere. He further said that the parties patronized by undemocratic forces and their tools are engaged in a deep conspiracy for suspension of political process in Pakistan but PML-N will foil their efforts. He said that democracy in Pakistan has not been given as charity by someone but the fruit of the long struggle including exile of political leaders and now when a democracy is taking roots, PML-N will not allow anyone to undermine this process.

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