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Most senoir professor should be appoint VC KEMU on merit:Old students demands

Lahore: Graduates of King Edward Medical University while addressing a press conference at lahore press club today, have appealed to members of VC search Committee Pervaiz Masood Ex-Chief Secretary, Senator Sartaj Aziz, Syed Baber Ali, Khawaja Salman Rafique and Professor Raza Gardezi to take special considerations regarding Merit and Seniority while Selecting new VC for KEMU. They strongly criticized some trainees of the ward of the vice chancellor and said that acting VC KEMU is using them to affect the VC search committee. They said that they would meet the VC Search Committee before 2nd of January to tell it the realities.

King Edward Medical College (KEMC) was the oldest and most prestigious institute of subcontinent which started in 1860 and ceased to function in 2006. Graduates of King Edward Medical College were offered jobs and training in most popular institutes of the world owing to their highest capabilities. KEMC was rightly regarded as father of all medical institutes of Pakistan. Elevation of KEMC to the level of University in 2006 appeared to be its Promotion which had proved totally wrong and disappointing for its students with the passage of time. Kemcolians and KEMC administration lost its identity while it was upgraded as University. University affiliated some institutes like “College of Allied Sciences” “Punjab Institute of Preventive Ophthalmology(PIPO)” “School of Physiotherapy” ,”School of Nursing” etc with it. All these Institutes are being run by their own administration under the supervision of University administration but there is no college for MBBS students and MBBS students are being
badly affected due to careless attitude of administration and shared
teaching faculty.

Young Kemcolians Forum office bearers Dr. Zahid Wazir,Dr. Qazi
yasir,Dr. Khuda Bakhsh Dreshak,Dr. khawar Khan,Dr. Saleem Akhtar,Dr
noor,Dr Aqsa,Dr. Ayesha and Dr. Asad Pasha while talking to media
further said that, “In the last two years ,the acting VC has
destroyed merit policy and is distributing Degrees among blue eyed
candidates”. They said that,”It is a natural rule and the policy opted by every medical institute in Pakistan and whole world that they prefer their own graduates while offering jobs and Post graduate
medical education but its totally reverse in case of KEMU and probably it’s the one and only medical institute where graduates of other medical colleges are preferred over and above its own graduates who are Top most merit and cream of the nation”.Its so sad that university is being run by the same administration regarding the manpower ;who were running the King Edward Medical College in 2006 while it has four more institutes to look after their administrative affairs. Talking on the issue of States of affairs of the University they said that,” While taking the annual exams of 3rd Professional MBBS students held in 2012 in subject of Pathology ,university had conducted the same paper with exactly same questions and even same printing which was taken in supplementary exams held in in 2011 as they even forgot to change the dates and category of Exams”, the Question paper was presented in front of media as a proof later on. They said that university announced examination schedule for MD/MS exams which were going to be held in November this year and post graduate trainees of MD/MS came all the way from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nepal etc to appear in their exams but later on university postponed these till indefinite period because the university was not prepared to conduct these exams.

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