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PML-N to resist bypassing of the constitution:Tariq Azeem

Lahore: Senator Tariq Azeem has said that there is an agreed procedure laid down in the constitution for the appointment of a caretaker Prime Minister. Any attempt to bypass, it will be resisted by PMLN and all other democratic forces.

“Within days of landing in Pakistan Canadian Qadri Sahib has declared his real ambition is to become the Prime Minister. This is nothing but a cheeky behavior, if not downright reprehensible “said Senator Azeem while talking to media persons here. He said that Dr Tahirul Qadri seeks to control Pakistan through underhand deals in order to protect vested interests and please his financial backers.” Religious leader turned politician’s desire to enter power corridors has not diminished despite his past failures” he added.

Senator Azeem said the demand for delaying the polls under one pretext or the other was unacceptable and warned that PMLN would resist any attempt to install an interim setup against the mechanism defined in the 20th Amendment.

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