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Sovereign Pakistan is the basic point of Muslim League’s agenda:Nawaz Sharif

Lahore:President PML-N, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that as a founder party of Pakistan, a prosperous and sovereign Pakistan is the basic point of Muslim League’s agenda. He said that realization of this dream is possible only through the full mandate of the people and the united force of their vote.

In his message on the founding day of Muslim League, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that Muslim League fully realizes its responsibilities for the accomplishment of the basic agenda of Pakistan Movement. He said that the dictators not only ambushed Pakistan but also its founder party during the last 65 years and used this name for the achievement of their dictatorial designs. But despite it Muslim League which is custodian to democratic ideals of Quaid, also existed in every era and its aim was setting up of an Islamic Welfare Society according to the demands of modern age, he added. He said in 90s, it was Muslim League that during its tenure, Pakistan had achieved a highly dignified status in the comity of nations but unfortunately its two tenures remained incomplete.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that the government which came into power after the elections of 2008, pursued the policies of its predecessor dictator and in this way spoiled the internal and external affairs as well as economic and political situation of the country. He said that democracy has a complete system of accountability in it. He said that the nation has faced the consequences of undemocratic system imposed by adventurists in the name of accountability. He said that this is the democracy which gives people the power of accountability of the rulers and this becomes a source of reformation. He said that the day of accountability of the five years’ performance of present rulers is not far off. He said that people know all faces well and differentiate between good and bad.

Muhammad Nawaz Sharif stressed that only a thumping mandate and the united power of the vote of the people in the coming elections can become a guarantee to resolution of their problems. He said contrary to it, previous elections became the source of worsening the situation and the game of blackmailing and interests in the name of reconciliation brought the country at present shocking situation.

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