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JI greets Mursi for securing heavy mandate

Lahore: Ameer, Jamaat eIslami,Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, JI Naib Ameer, Prof. Khurshid Ahmed and Secretary General Liaqat Baloch, have greeted Egyptian President Dr Muhammad Mursi on securing a heavy mandate in the referendum on the new constitution of the country, and said this was the death of the Hosni Mobarak’s legacy.

In a joint message on Sunday, they said that heavy participation in the referendum by the Egyptian masses clearly showed their confidence in the elected leadership. The JI leaders were ensure that the new Egyptian constitution would fully reflect the people’s sentiments and guarantee a bright future for the Muslim country.

They said that the elected, Islamic Egyptian leadership had successfully foiled all the internal and foreign conspiracies with great resolve and prudence.

They said, under a true and elected Egyptian leadership, the relations betweenEgyptandPakistanwould further strengthen, and the two major Muslim states would jointly strive to defeat the colonial powers’ agenda against Islam and the Muslim world. The future, they said, would be the manifestation of the pristine Islamic glory and that would pave way for a strong and lasting Muslim brotherhood .

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