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23rd All Pakistan Food Conference starts in Lahore

Lahore: Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Mir Changez khan Jamali inaugurated the and 4th Food & Nutrition Expo at Lahore on 10-12-12. The minister appreciated the efforts by the scientists in the fields of food and nutrition. He invited the participants to visit the flood affected areas of Baluchistan.
He said media should play a positive and constructive role by highlighting the achievements of the Scientists of Pakistan. He said that people were looking towards the scientists as a ray of hope.
While talking to media he said that the upcoming elections would be
held on time and the election commission would play its role in
holding free and fair elections.

The federal minister also visited different stalls at the 4th Food &
nutrition Expo. He urged the local governments to take effective
measures to control food adulteration.

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