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Spending Punjab budget in Lahore is the height of injustice: Sahibzada Fazal-e-Kareem

Lahore: Sunni Itehad Council’s President Sahibzada Fazal-e-Kareem has said that the leaders, who are patronizing terrorists for their political benefits, are the national criminals. He was talking to the different delegations of the party in the central secretariat.
Sahibzada Fazal-e-Kareem said Pakistani politics has lacked of Conscience, city of lights has become the dark city.Crushing of tax thieves mafia‘s network is need of the time. Politicians should learn the lesson from the mistakes of the past. Country desperately needs the rule of the law instead of rule of the rulers. Institutions have to make stronger instead of the personalities.

Sahibzada said that the political traders would not be able to deceive the people anymore in forthcoming elections. He said Drowns attacks were of the part of Crusade. Islamic world needs another Sallahud Din Ayubi. He said America has been defeated in Afghanistan by Mujahidins and now he is imposing Afghan war upon Pakistan.

He demanded that the parties who have armed wings,should not be allowed to contest in the election and they must be banned. While criticizing on Punjab Government and the CM Shahbaz Sharif, he said it is the height of injustice to spend the Punjab budget in Lahore. Punjab govt has completely failed into maintaining law and order in the province. Dacoities, robberies and kidnapping for ransom has made citizens life difficult ,he concluded

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