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Presiding officers handed over bags full of ballot papers to N -League:Rehman Naseer

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League candidate from NA-107 Gujrat Ch Rahman Naseer has said that the Punjab Govt. by resorting to worst rigging in the history in the bye-election has proved that N-League has no parallel in changing the results.

Addressing a crowded press conference regarding rigging committed by N-League in Gujrat bye-election here today, he said that we have got concrete evidence of N-League rigging which we would produce before the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Ch Rahman Naseer said that Presiding Officers posted in some polling stations in NA-107 handed over bags full of ballot papers to N-League workers who kept putting stamps in favour of their candidates and cast votes according to their wishes and throwing away empty bags which fell into the hands of our workers who found copies of the ballot papers from these bags which are concrete evidence and proof of rigging.

He said the N-League by shattering the Code of Ethics of the Election Commission to the pieces brought bad name to it. He said we would very shortly appear before the Chief Election Commissioner and expose the N-League rigging so that N-League candidate who has won the bye-election through rigging should be disqualified.

He pointedly stated that the Election Commission had quite categorically instructed that the ballot papers should be brought to the polling stations and taken back from there under the supervision of the Rangers but the Punjab Govt. in flagrant violation of the Constitution and law, got this duty performed by Punjab Police on some particular polling stations and the results were changed during this process.

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