Tuesday , February 19 2019
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Violent protest made Batapur a battlefield

Lahore:Hundreds of people including women and children become violent on Saturday against low gas pressure in the Batapur vicinity. The protesters burnt tyres on GT Road, blocked the traffic and even did not give the way to friendship bus that was bound for India and the police vehicles too. Expressing concern over low gas pressure, they said daily life have been badly affected due to inconsistent gas pressure. Women are unable to cook food, provide breakfast or even tea to school-going children.
They had complained dozens of time but authorities turned them deaf ears .can someone clarify that why masses are being punished in winter, why gas pressure is below the acceptable limits, they added.

After an hour of protest, police asked the people that they have lodged their protest, now leave the road and give way to traffic but the public refused to end their protest that ignite the :raw” between the public and police.Both side were armed with stones,bricks and sticks,used their weapons freely but the police could dispurse the protesters only with the use of tear gas shelling.Number of people injured in this “raw” from both sides,several vehicles damaged,air polluted but the police registered a case against more than five hundred people for attack on the cops.

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