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Condition of children in Pakistan is worse:Aslam Pervaiz Sohotra

Lahore: Chairman Human Liberation Commission Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra with Pastor Anwar Javed Director International Affairs, Finance Secretary Bashir Chaudhery, Coordinator Youth Wing Anthony Social Shah, Vice President Masiha Millat Party Ameen Sohni, Leaders for Child Rights Paras Javed and Aman Aslam expressed addressing on Universal Children’s’ Day in a video conference that .

Children do not have basic rights and facilities including education and childhood playing but they are being used in brick making factory, carpet industry, shoes factories, sports item making industry, in fields and as domestic workers for a nominal wages while government is doing nothing against such cruel acts of child labor and against responsible culprits because some of abusers of the right of children are sitting in assemblies or in state machinery .

Those intense selfish individuals cannot afford to provide children their rights for they will lose cheap labor. That’s why even after passing of education bill for every child from National Assembly, provisions are not series to pass the bill for the free education to every child yet. Human Liberation Commission Pakistan demands that provisional assemblies must pass Right to free and Compulsory Education Bill urgently as per United Nations Charter and National Assembly bill and should do legislation against child labor and declare child labor a series crime.

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