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We have won the war against mosquito:Shahbaz Sharif

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Allah Almighty be praised that our efforts against dengue have proved successful. He said that it is by the grace of Allah and collective efforts of all concerned institutions that a victory has been achieved in the fight against dengue. He said that more than 21 thousand people were affected by dengue last year while 354 lost their lives. Compared to this, he said, only 261 persons were affected by dengue during current year while no one has died for which we are thankful to Allah the Merciful.

In a message, the Chief Minister praised Allah Almighty for success in the fight against dengue as well as congratulated the nation and said that people stood by him in the war against dengue at every front for which he is grateful to his political colleagues, medical experts, paramedical staff and government servants. He said that victory against dengue was not possible without collective efforts and all out cooperation of all segments of the society. The Chief Minister also commended the cooperation of the governments of Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia and the cooperation of their medical experts. He said that Ulema, teachers, labourers, students, women, welfare organizations, laboratory owners, trust hospital, media and political workers also extended invaluable cooperation in overcoming dengue virus and worked day and night during anti-dengue campaign. He said that officials of district governments and members of dengue brigade played a vanguard role in the war against dengue. He said that progress can be made in every sector by displaying the same spirit and hard work as was shown in the fight against dengue.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that people had given mandate to the federal rulers for good governance but they insulted the public mandate by their inefficiency and worst corruption during the last four and half years. He said that Zardari gang wants to escape from general elections as its incompetence, corruption and failures have been exposed but the people will not allow it to do so and bring it to its logical end. He said that inflation and unemployment have made the lives of the masses miserable while power crisis, shortage of gas and the sky-rocketing prices of daily use items have become a symbol of bad governance of the federal government.
In an interview with a private TV channel, the Chief Minister said that we are not discouraged with the situation of the country but believe in good governance and solution of people’s problems. He said that we have been making efforts in this direction and will continue to do so in future as well. He said that there is no paucity of resources in the country but the real issue is of vision, intention and deeds. He said that people and media are clamoring over malpractices and corruption but the rulers are unmoved and there is no sign of good governance or financial discipline. He said that national progress and prosperity is directly linked with a strong democracy and continuity of democratic process. He made an appeal to political leadership to avoid the path of economic suicide and political subjugation and set proper targets as it is the only option for survival and progress of the country. In reply to a question, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that the nation has seen Zardari model of democracy and Zardari gang, disappointed by its future, is resorting to negative tactics. He said that by the grace of Allah, any step taken by us in difficult circumstances was meant for the betterment of the nation especially poor masses. He said that we have not looted but facilitated the people and safeguarded their interests. He said that Pakistan Muslim League-N will contest the forthcoming general elections on the basis of its performance and will tell the people what it has done for them despite limited resources. He said that PPP has given nothing but price-hike, unemployment and deprivations to the masses. Replying to another question, Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif said that we are hopeful that PML-N will come out as the majority party of the country in the elections and Nawaz Sharif will emerge as the symbol of hope and trust of the nation while the fate of the allies of Zardari in loot and plunder will be seen by the whole world. He said that there is a need for comprehensive policy to root out terrorism and sabotage. He said all possible measures have been taken to check extremism in Punjab. He said that every Pakistani is concerned over lawlessness in Karachi. He said peace in Karachi is essential for a safe economic future of the country. He said that we will continue to face crisis after crisis unless the course of economic development is changed.

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