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Mega corruption in Forensic Science Laboratory is slap on the face of Rulers:Kamil Ali Agha

Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League Central Information Secretary Senator Kamil Ali Agha has said that latest fraud of Rs 3. 50 billion in the Forensic Science Laboratory in Punjab is like a slap on the face of present rulers of the province who are hurling abuses on others.
In a statement issued here today, Senator Kamil Ali Agha said that Rana Sanaullah Khan has crossed all limits of being adamant but this very person himself will turn approver and expose mega corruption secrets of the present rulers of Punjab.

He said that present government of Punjab despite all out efforts and going upside down during last four years and nine months has not been able to pinpoint any irregularity of even a single pie in any project of public welfare of Ch Parvez Elahi.

He said out of 3500 vouchers of equipment and material purchased for Punjab Forensic Science Laboratory, audit of only 252 has so far been done and irregularities amounting to Rs 3. 54 billion have been pointed out whereas the real total value of looted money is more than Rs 13 billion. He said as more and more vouchers are audited, corruption will be revealed.

Senator Kamil Ali Agha said that every project of Shahbaz Govt which has so far been audited, loot, plunder and corruption of billions of rupees has been pointed out in it. He said the latest “forensic fraud” is not an allegation levelled by the political opponents but it has been detected by the team of the Director General Audit Punjab along with documented evidence.

He said that earlier on only 33 per cent audit of Sasti Roti Scheme had revealed corruption of Rs 1. 25 billion. He said the day third party audit of billions of rupees given to the administrators, Punjab Food Support Programme, white elephant of Metro Bus project, Lap Tops procurement and sponsorships acquired in the name of the Youth Festival and publicity campaign of billions of rupees and fake expenses is undertaken, then the biggest loot and plunder in the history of the country would come before the people adding that the same projects whose songs the present rulers of Punjab keep singing would bring shame to them.

The PML leader further said that “father-in-law and brother-in-law” are involved in the forensic fraud story of which would also be before the people very shortly. He said Rana Sanaullah Khan must first look into his self before abusing others.

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