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JI demands UNSC meeting on Gaza attacks

Lahore: Acting Ameer of the Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Ch. Muhammad Aslam Saleemi, has called upon the government to immediately requisition a meeting of the UN Security Council to raise its voice against the Zionist attacks on Gaza resulting heavy casualties.

In a statement here on Friday, he condemned the Zionist attacks on Gaza and said that Israel was continuing atrocities over the innocent Palestinians only because it enjoyed US backing. He said it was only due to the anti Islam and anti Muslim policies of the US that the Zionists and the Hindus were shedding the blood of Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir.

The Acting Ameer of the JI said that the US slaves ruling this country were the real hurdle in the liberation of the two occupied Palestine and Kashmir. He said that scores of resolutions had been moved in the United Nations against the genocide of the Muslims in the two states but no action could be taken only because of US intransigence and its patronage of Israel and India as Washington vetoed the resolutions in favour of the Muslims.

Ch. Aslam Saleemi demanded of the government to summon the US envoy in the country and lodge official protest over the Israeli atrocities. He also appealed the world community take notice of the Palestinians’ massacre and protest over the unlawful Zionist occupation on Palestine and the Qibla e Awwal besides the recurring attacks on Gaza.

He prayed for those martyred in the attacks and expressed condolences with the
bereaved families.

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