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Rabia Shahbaz guards arrested for beating a bakery boy

Lahore: Defence B Police has registered a criminal case under section 155,156 police order 2002 against the elite police cops who allegedly beaten up a bakery boy for not providing services to the daughter of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif,Rabia Shahbaz. According to SP Cantt Maarouf Safdar Wahla these cops were on security duty with a lady Rabia who went to buy some edibles on 7th of October from a bakery situated at Lalik Shaheed esquire DHA.

When the lady reached at the bakery, a boy told her that bakery was closed so he would not able to serve her.

The answer made furious the cops and they started beaten up the boy and left the scene after taught him a lesson. Local police visited the spot but went back silently without any legal action after knowing the profile of the lady,Rabia.

Today the case was brought on the social media and so many people arose question  to the daughter of the PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif ,Maryam Nawaz who commented that” If it’s true, it’s really sad and I condemn it.”I am responsible for my own actions not someone else’s, she added.
Discussion on social media put the Punjab Government on back foot and within few hours, the Punjab Govt took action against the cops who beated the bakery boy.

Meanwhile ,Defence B police has confirmed that four cops out of eight have been arrested in this case.

According to Punjab Government spokesman,Chief minister Punjab has taken serious notice of this incident and ordered for a probe.The Cm said that every one would have to face the law who was involved in the quarral. The spokesman confirmed the arrest of only two cops while police sources have confirmed the arrest of four cops.

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