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Chairman PTI saddened by violence and deaths

Lahore:Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan has been saddened by the who had been peacefully protesting on Ish-e-Rasool Day.

Terming the violence an abject failure of the Government, Imran Khan has condemned the barbaric ways to which peaceful PTI protesters have been subjected and has demanded full investigation into the grave matter of killing of 23 citizens and security personnel across the country. Millions of PTI workers had turned out for Friday protests in more than 100 cities in response to an appeal by their leader for peaceful demonstrations. In a few places, some unscrupulous elements within the crowd had resorted to violence and rioting.

Imran Khan has condemned the hijacking of a day meant to show every Pakistani’s love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH), and has particularly denounced the destruction of a Church in Mardan and the looting spree by criminal elements.

“The Government cannot absolve itself of the primary responsibility of security for every citizen simply by announcing a public holiday, and letting criminal elements hijack peaceful crowds. The rulers have failed the nation on a day when it mattered the most for us to project a peaceful image the Ummah,” according to Imran Khan. The Chairman PTI has demanded that “all those responsible for the violence including every official in high position who was duty-bound to ensure public safety, must be brought to justice.”

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