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Dr Alvi writes letter to Executive Chairman Google to block the blasphemous movie

Lahore :Pti Secretary General Dr Arif Alvi has written letter to Executive Chairman Google to block the blasphemous movie.In his letter Dr Alvi said “I urge you on behalf of Imran Khan and my party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, to remove all videos showing trailers, excerpts and snippets from the movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’.He wrote,
The movie ‘Innocence of Muslims’ and its video trailers and excerpts that appeared on have angered the Muslims the world over. The western world does not realize the amount of hatred which can be created among Muslims on two issues, that of desecration of the Quran and Blasphemy on Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Posting of this disgraceful video has already led to many deaths of innocent people throughout the world and would continue to incite more into coming out on the streets.

Let me point out that Mr Imran Khan was the first to draw the attention of the world on the Quran Blasphemy that was committed in Guantanamo Bay in February 2005. He warned the West back then that unless these acts are controlled the gap between Muslims and Christians would continue to increase. It is unfortunate that there is no legislation even today in the West to control these clumsy acts of individuals who definitely are on the fringe of society but incite the world, resulting not only to loss of many innocent lives but also in leaving indelible marks on the psyche of huge populations. These hateful imprints of action and reaction may lead to reflection of the same among policy makers turning a lot of them into hardliners years down the road.

Google does not allow pornographic images and explicit videos of sexual acts on its website as such an action would hurt the social values of society as it exists today. Neither does Google rightfully show training videos for terror, or for bomb making, because it would lead to further loss of human lives. Let me remind you that in this new era of communication Google has a far bigger role than the role of countries in its impact on society and therefore it must rise to the occasion and move beyond a stereotypical interpretation of ‘Freedom of Speech’.

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