Friday , June 22 2018
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Jews and Christian better know Muslim faith:Ch Ghafoor

Lahore: Provincial Minister for Planning & Development, Ch. Abdul Ghafoor has said Jews and Christians know that the faith of Muslims does not complete till they believe firmly in all prophets including Holy Prophet (PBUH). He said that we respect all prophets whereas jews and Christians do not let any opportunity of blasphemous. He said it is need of the hour that the message should be conveyed to all jews, Christians and non-Muslims that we respect their religious rituals as well as all prophets. Similarly, such profane incidents can be avoided by creating awareness among the people as a few kafir deceive the people for the sake of their vested interests.

Ch. Abdul Ghafoor demanded that America should seek pardon from entire Muslim Ummah on the profane film and the American citizens involved in this heinous crime should be prosecuted and punished as per Islamic laws otherwise the entire Muslim Ummah will stand against America for the protection of their religion and sanctity of Holy Prophet (PBUH). He urged that the Islamic countries will also have to play their role for eradication of such tragic incidents and raise the voice at UNO and Security Council for this purpose.

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