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A positive solution would be found of the matter of Midas:Pervaiz Rasheed

Lahore: Senator Pervaiz Rashid, in response to the press release issued by APNS, has said that Punjab government is trying to find out a positive solution of the matter of an advertising company, Midas, within the ambits of law and the constitution but it would be inappropriate for the Punjab government to influence those matters which are under hearing in the court and we would have to leave these matters on the discretion of judiciary.

He said that as far as the matter of Midas is concerned, the case is under hearing in the Supreme Court but keeping in view the respect of APNS, Punjab government is ready to hold talks with it on this matter. Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that Punjab government welcomes the desire of meeting of office bearers of APNS with Chief Minister Punjab and is willing to further promote the exemplary relations of last four and a half years in future as well. Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that APNS is a respectable forum, both for the Punjab government and the media, for which Punjab government will continue to extend cooperation but providing deterrent punishment to those responsible of corruption and embezzlement of government funds is joint responsibility of us all.

Senator Pervaiz Rashid further said that so far as the advertising company Midas is concerned, all record relating to its corruption has been handed over to the Supreme Court and APNS and Midas both should have complete faith in the independent judiciary and its proceedings and we consider it a common objective of Punjab government and APNS that those involved in corruption should be taken to task. Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that Punjab government wants to move ahead the process of accountability under the guidance of APNS.

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