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Pakistan’s ambassadors call on President Asif Ali Zardari

Islamabad: Pakistan’s ambassadors (designate) to Belgium, Serbia and Japan today at Aiwan-e-Sadr.

Those who called on included Mr. Munawwar Saeed Bhatti, Pak Ambassador (designate) to Belgium, Mr. Ghulam Fareed Farooq, Ambassador-designate to Serbia and Mr. Furrukh Amil, Ambassador-designate to Japan.Matters relating to their new assignments were discussed during the meeting.

The President felicitated the designated ambassadors and advised them to focus on further strengthening bilateral relations of the country with the countries of their respective postings.

While addressing the huge gathering of Ambassadors, high commissioners, members of diplomatic community, ministers and parliamentarians the Federal Minister for National Heritage and Integration said that we are fully resolved to present the true portrait and real soft image of Pakistan before the world as conceived by our national leaders Iqbal and Jinnah.
She said that Pakistan is supposed to be a land where each and every citizen, irrespective of caste and creed enjoyed social and religious freedom but unfortunately some miscreants had tried to distort its image and shattered the integrity of Quaid’s Pakistan. She added that another small group of Pakistan’s ill wishers had left no stone unturned to portray its negative image in western media.

The Federal Minister said that she was very proud in saying that Pakistanis are peace-loving nation. Pakistani people are true custodians of their millennium’s old cultural and traditional heritage and are doing their best to safeguard and promote their intangible heritage Moenjodaro, Harrapa, and Taxila which are the milestone of their glittering past.

The Federal Minister said the people of Pakistan love music, dance, drama, poetry and fine arts as anybody else in the world. She added that by enthralling demonstrations of our world’s best performing arts it would become evident to all present here that culture and heritage of Pakistan is so rich and attractive. She said that we are proud of our rich cultural heritage.

In the end the Federal Minister extended her cordial thanks to the honored guests for being there and aspired that all present here would extend their kind cooperation for the presentation of softer image of Pakistan in their esteemed countries.

The Federal Minister also congratulated the worthy performers, DG Pakistan National Council of Arts and his team for the organization and the presentation of this colorful evening.

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