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youth to come forward to change the fate of Pakistan:Pervaiz Musharraf

Karachi: Former President and Head of APML Pervaiz Musharraf has asked 60 percent youth of the country to come forward and cast their votes in next general election in order to change the fate of Pakistan.

This he said while addressing (through video software from Dubai) an event held at FAST University main campus here on Thursday on the eve of Defense Day (September 6, 2012). A large number of students, teachers and people from every walk of life were present during his address.

He said that our country is facing war and terror situation with a lot of threats by the external foreign-elements and this is the need of an hour that youth should come forward and play its vital role for the saving and real development of country.

He said that Pakistani youth is well-educated and they are also well-aware about the existing leadership so that they should elect dynamic leadership through their votes, he advised.

Giving the examples of recent incidents of terrorism reported in Gilgit-Baltistan and Balochistan, Pervez Musharraf said that sectarian terrorism is enhancing day by day and foreign elements are clearly involved in these heinous activities.

He said that country is facing economic crisis but I assured all of you that this crisis could be resolved as there are huge resources available in country which should be utilized in proper way.

He added that non-utilization of existing resources is the main reason behind this all bundle of crisis, his team had utilized all resources in right way that’s why his era was prosper period of the country.

Head of APML made it clear that all crises create due to lack of visionary leadership in all over the world and same case is with Pakistan. Current leaders are not recognizing their rich resources and country goes to financial crisis, he added.

He said that today, we are shattered on linguistic basis, some are Balochies and some are Sindhies, some are Pathans and some are urdu-speakings and we are fighting with each other for minor interests.

Referring the Balochistan, former President said that in his tenure, huge money was invested only on Balochistan in comparison of Punjab but no development was carried out there.

Replying a question of one of the students, he said that anti-Pakistan foreign hands are involved in Balochistan situation who wants to make our country destabilized. BLA is also playing in said hands and they want to make disturb the Balochistan, he added.

He suggested that if government would use its force for 6-months only, Balochistan would made better.

Talking over the drone attacks, Pervaiz Musharraf said that government should go for negotiations to stop the drone attacks if we can’t use our forces in this regard.

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