Monday , June 25 2018
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Nation is well aware of the conspiracies against Supreme Court

Lahore:President Pakistan Muslim League-N Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistani nation is well aware of the conspiracies and hidden motives behind the recent campaign and would never allow them to succeed. He said that those misguided elements who consider that they can undermine judiciary through their deceptive tactics should realize that they would never be able to hide their crimes and get away from the grip of the law as decisions are now being made by Pakistan’s free and independent judiciary.

In a statement, Mohammad Nawaz Sharif said that, despite all conspiracies against judiciary, patriotic political parties, civil society, intellectuals and people of Pakistan, stand firmly with the Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudary, and an independent judiciary to ensure predominance of the rule of law. He said that contrary to the past practices, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry by bringing his own son before the court of law has established a positive tradition. He said that in a society where, in the past, a head of judiciary was involved in tempering with the academic records of his children, and where political rulers go to any extant to hide corrupt practices of their family members, the tradition set by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is extremely praiseworthy, and it is need of the hour that the golden principles of justice, put in practice by the Chief Justice, are further strengthened. Mohammad Nawaz Sharif said that PML(N) had launched a powerful movement for restoration of independent judiciary, with the help of lawyers and people, and that movement is now part of the history of democratic struggle. He pointed out that PML(N) would never allow the fruits garnered through that historic democratic struggle to go waste just to protect vested interests of an individual or a group.

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