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Pakistanis are very entrepreneurial nation:Nawaz Sharif

Nawaz Sharif in Dubai

Dubai:Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that close geographical proximity between UAE and Pakistan has many possibilities and it is in the interest of both countries to expand their business, and trade activity. addressing to a huge gathering of Pakistani professionals and businessmen Nawaz Sharif said despite the challenges that we face Pakistan presents are host of investment opportunities and encouraged the businessmen to consider Pakistan as a destination of investment particularly in the agricultural sector. He said that the Addressing the UAE based Pakistani community Nawaz Sharif said that “We acknowledge and appreciate the positive role being played by the Pakistani professionals and businessmen living abroad and regard you as global ambassadors of Pakistan.

In addition to expatriate Pakistanis a large number of UAE Arab personalities, Royal family members, diplomats, and international businessmen also attended the ceremony.

Nawaz Sharif highlighted the investment opportunities in Pakistan and said that Pakistanis are very entrepreneurial nation. They have created many success stories abroad and there is no reason if they are provided supportive environment inside the country why can’t they create hundreds and thousands of miracles in Pakistan. It is my firm belief that Pakistan, which has been blessed with very rich human and material resources, can overcome the present challenges and start its journey of road to progress with dignity and pride.

I have therefore come to invite you to join us on this journey for
the economic revival and social progress of the country in the coming years. For this purpose we have created The PMLN Overseas Pakistanis Business & Professionals Forum because I recognize and appreciate the important role overseas Pakistanis particularly the businessmen and professionals can play for development of Pakistan. I see this Forum as a partnership between you as citizens of Pakistan and us, as a political party. You can work with us and be involved in the consultative process that results in decision making that affect your lives. He urged the Pakistanis living abroad to join hands with the single purpose to work towards building a prosperous, progressive, and positive Pakistan. Let us vow to work together to restore Pakistan to its rightful glory that it deserves.

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