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Punjab government has failed to fulfill its promises:Inaam Ullah Niazi

Inaam Ullah Niazi

Lahore:Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf’s senior member Inam Ullah Khan Niazi said in a press conference today that in the past four years Punjab government has to be incompetent and incapable of fulfilling its promises. All the miscalculations and the unsuccessful projects are conveniently blamed on the federal government. Peoples’ money was wasted on bread making machines, yellow cabs and laptops and the poor populous couldn’t even protest in return. All these endeavors were as unacceptable as the sky rocketing corruption levels of the federal government.

The Punjabi rulers even started tampering with religious ideologies and Islam in the sense that the fiscal budget of Punjab is scheduled to be presented by an imposter. Rana Asif Mehmood is the person who is given the responsibility of presenting the Budget. Only a few people know that Punjab’s finance minister was born and bred in the city of Sialkot as a Christian and his father was named Rana Taj Mehmood. He further went on to get a Canadian nationality as being a Christian. However, when he returned he converted to Islam. This is proven by records from NADRA. However, a further twist in the story comes when he converted back to Christianity to become a member of the Punjabi assembly. He claimed one of the seats reserved for Christians. Now this is an act of treachery not only to the Muslims of Pakistan but also to the Christians of Pakistan. Their rights are being infringed upon as a person with ulterior and mysterious motives has taken up a position entitled to a person truly committed to their community. An advocate Faisal Ilyas realized this confusing treacherous behavior and filed a case against him. Institutions and people like Nadra, Election commission of Punjab and the Speaker of Punjab are also involved in making Rana Asif Rana successful in his agenda.

The PTI leader said that all the perks provided to this unethical man should be taken back immediately. His name should also be included in the Exit Control List and FIR should be registered in the name of NADRA for being part of this plan. This specific case is still pending for its judgment and a hearing is scheduled for the 9th of June. This is the same day when the budget of Punjab is to be announced. If this man, Rana Asif is allowed to announce the budget of our province of Punjab then the Punjab government would also become accomplice in his criminal activities and unpatriotic acts. We will also go to world renowned Muftis to get a Fatwa on the issue if needed.

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