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Civilian awards demanded for teachers slain in Balochistan

Baig Raj

Lahore:The Punjab Forum on Sunday demanded of the government to announce highest civilian awards for those teachers and principals who were killed by terrorists in Baluchistan for their patriotism.
Love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it is a distinguishing feature that is not very common nowadays; our heroes should no longer remain unsung, it said.
Talking at a ceremony to offer fatiha for the principal Muzaffar Jamali and his son who were recently killed by the terrorists for singing national anthem despite threats, he said that the slain educator was among most patriotic Pakistanis in Baluchistan.
The government should ensure best medical aid possible for the survivors of the attack and initiate serious efforts to arrest the culprits, he said.
He said that the revelations of IG FC about foreign interference in Balochistan and agenda of terrorists should serve as an eye-opener for those who advocate negotiations with terrorists.
Negotiations can be carried out with nationalists only while terrorists who wish to dismember Pakistan should be dealt with iron hand, he added.
Baig Raj said that Balochistan Conference was a useless exercise in which politicians preferred statements aimed at cheap popularity while ignoring other side of the picture.
Not a single notable Baloch leader participated in the moot while no politician expressed courage to denounce terrorism or express sympathy with settlers who are being killed en masse, he said.
Time for negotiations is over and the only solution of the Balochistan issue lies in use of brutal force to wipe terrorists out, said Mr. Raj adding that no country in the world deal with radicals who employs terror as a political weapon.
Those who want removal of cantonments or stopping operation in the restive province will give more strength to anti-state actors who will get a freehand to tear country apart.
He condemned move to withdraw cases against terror leaders and demanded immediate arrest and summary trials to bring them to book.
Everyone seems to be looking at the picture from one side; we should also care about supreme sacrifices being offered by security forces to keep country intact and plight of settlers who are being punished for their commitment with Pakistan.
He called upon the masses to reject opportunist politicians who would only speak what they can sell while ignoring the real issues.

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