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PPP wants division of Punjab on linguistic basis:Ahmad Ali

Lahore:Provincial Minister for Agriculture Malik Ahmad Ali has said that Pakistan People’s Party government has done nothing during its four years tenure to remove backwardness of South Punjab and instead of creating national solidarity, parochialism is being promoted through talking of division of Punjab on linguistic basis.

In a press statement, Malik Ahmad Ali said that PPP has come to power three times but instead of public service it has looted national resources. He said that PPP has been hoodwinking the people through the slogan of Roti, Kapra and Makan while an attempt is being made to achieve political objectives through creation of provinces on linguistic basis. He said that had PPP been sincere to the people of South Punjab it would have provided jobs to the people of this region. He said that South Punjab is an agrarian region and federal government should have constructed dams for the supply of water to the farmers for agri purpose and reduced the price of agri inputs, medicines, diesel, petrol and electricity.

Malik Ahmad Ali said that PPP is under the wrong impression that it can win the support of the people of South Punjab by announcing creation of a new province. He said that people of the area are politically conscious and they know it full well that PPP is using such tactics only to get votes in the next general elections. He said that due to wrong policies of PPP, Pakistan is facing serious problems like load-shedding and unemployment while the national economy has reached the verge of disaster.

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