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Massive protests against power outages

LAHORE – People in different cities including Lahore held protest demonstrations against unscheduled electricity loadshedding .
They chanted slogans against the government, burnt old tyres and threw traffic out of gear for hours to give vent to their anger.
The National Grid is facing about 7,000 MW electricity shortfall and 16 to 18 hours outages in rural and urban areas of the country have become a routine.
In Lahore, the Lesco is conducting about 14 hours load shedding with persisting power cuts for three to four hours. The people are facing shortage of drinking water in slum areas of the City due to loeadshedding.
The people said their lives have been turned into hell due to severe electricity crisis. To register their protest, the residents of Shahdra, Mozang, Chungi Amar Siddhu and other areas on Wednesday staged protest rallies and kept traffic block at major roads for hours.
A major protest demonstration against load shedding was held in Shahdra where people burnt tyres at main road and threw traffic out of gear for at least two hours. They shouted slogans against the government, saying that the inflation and loadshedding were hitting them hard and their lives have become hell. A good number of workers particularly from factories also joined them, complaining that they were unable to earn bread and butter for their families due to closure of factories.
The protestors said loadshedding had brought their day-to-day activities to a standstill.
Reportedly, the demonstrations were also held in Faisalabad, Multan, Khanewal, Jhang and other cities of the country.

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