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Govt to release 10 billion to protect the masses from corona : Siraj ul Haq

Lahore : Ameer Jamaat e Islami Pakistan Senator Siraj ul Haq
has called upon the government to immediately release Rs. 10
billion to protect the masses from corona and to improve the
health services in the country.

Addressing Juma congregation at Mansoora mosque, he also called for arranging free corona tests to be able to know the exact number of people suffering from the virus which would help check the spread of the disease.

Calling for lifting the curbs on the Eid prayers, Siraj ul Haq
said that the Ulema and mosques and madrissahs had strictly
observed the corona SOPs to establish that only the religious
sections of the society respected the law.

The JI Chief said that the Muslim world would have to work
out a joint line of action for the liberation of Kashmir and
Palestine. He said that the US was the patron of India and Israel.
As long as the Muslim rulers had hopes from the US for the
solution of these issues, Kashmir and Palestine would not be

Sirajul Haq said that on the Al-Quds Day, his message to the
Palestinian brethren was that the entire Muslim Ummah,
especially the people of Pakistan were with them and would not
abandon them . He urged upon the Pakistan government to pressurize the
world community for stopping Indian’s brutalities in Held Kashmir and for the Kashmiris’ right of self determination.

The JI Chief said that Palestine and Kashmir were the common problems of the Muslim world. Hindus and the Zionists were perpetrating atrocities on the Muslims in both places. Around one lakh Palestinians had sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Qibla e Awwal.
“ We don’t believe in the philosophy of East Bank or the West Bank, as these are the US tricks to occupy the whole of Palestine. The so called US deal of the Century is a conspiring to strengthen Israel’s hold on entire Palestine. Unfortunately, he said, some Muslim states were supporting the US plans to
develop ties with Israel.

Sirajul Haq said that curfew and lock down had been continuing in Held Kashmir for the last nine months and the Kashmiris were living in miserable conditions. Their sick were dying in the homes and the Kashmiris were not allowed to carry their dead bodies to the graveyards. He said that under these circumstance, it was the duty of the Pakistan government to raise its voice in support of the Kashmiris at international forums for the liberation of Kashmir from Indian slavery.

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