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LGH Orthopedic ward closed after 16 Drs diagnosed with Corona

Lahore : Four state-of-the-art High fluenazel canola machines equipped with modern facilities for coronavirus patients have been installed at Lahore General Hospital where they will be used for treatment, right from today.

Meanwhile ; LGH Orthopedic ward has been closed after Corona virus found among Drs of the said ward . 16 Drs have been diagnosed with Corona in last seven days who have been sent to quarantine . Dr Muhammad Hanif have suggested to the principal for the closure of ward for atleast 10 days to save from further damage.

This was stated by Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute and Ameer Ud Din Medical College Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-Freed Zafar while explaining the details of these machines to the media representatives in the Committee Room of LGH, here today.

He briefed that patients with Coronavirus and other diseases who are extremely respiratory, these machines would be are useful in treating such patients. Similarly, those who are having difficulty and need a ventilator to get rid of respiratory problems, these machines would also help them. He told that the same machines have been successfully used in European Countries, the United Kingdom, the United States and China.

Prof. Zafar informed that this machine is called High Flow Continues Oxygen Canola Machine which is used with a certain amount for continuous supply of oxygen.

Principal PGMI said that the Government has given priority to the Corona patients and left no stone unturned in arranging for the treatment of patients and front-line service providers with ample funds provided to the hospitals for this purpose.

He added that these machines have been procured from the resources of the Government which proves that the Punjab Government is using all the resources for the patients of Coronavirus. He said that there was a need to spend every penny provided by the Health Department in the right place so that the resources could be utilized properly and its benefits could be extended to as many as patients possible.

Prof. Al-freed said that the installation of these machines would provide significant relief to the patients of Corona in LGH.

Medical Superintendent Dr. Mahmood Salah Uddin, Prof. Judat Saleem, Dr. Irfan Malik, Dr. Laila Shafiq and other doctors were also present in the media briefing.

Prof. Judat Saleem said that these machines have been installed in Government hospitals for the first time which will provide modern facilities to the patients. MS and Prof. Judat said that this machine has two purposes, one is for children and the other is for adults.

He said that due to the new nature of the Coronavirus, its drugs have not been discovered so far. Researchers and medical experts from all over the world are working together to investigate this deadly epidemic, however, citizens must be careful until they discovery of its vaccine, they added.

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