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Dr Faisal Masud takes his last breath

Lahore : The great lives saver Dr Faisal Masud has passed away . Inna Lillahe wa inna elehe Rajeune.

Dr. Faisal Masood, Director General, Punjab Human Organ Transplant Unit one of the most senior member of the Scientific Panel of PFA passed away due to a sudden Cardiac attack. People from all walks of life have expressed deep grief over the death of Dr. Faisal Masood.

Dr. Faisal Masood will always be remembered for his services in the medical field and humanity,

He played a vital role to make Punjab Food Authority as an institution , he played an active most role in the formulation of various regulations and laws for the Punjab Food Authority which include inter alia; Punjab Pure Food Regulations 2017 as well as Punjab Pure Food Regulations, 2019, Punjab Educational Institutions Canteen Regulations, 2018, Baby Food Regulations, 2018(ban on energy drinks, caffeine limits) and Functional Food Regulations 2019.

His time to time expert advices in different matters relevant to food standards always played a vital role in drafting of Punjab Pure Food Regulations.

His Technical advices for the establishment of Medical Screening Facilities will always been remember. Beyond an iota of doubt the services of the deceased soul will be remembered for decades to come .

Chairman Punjab Food Authority said the entire nation will always remember his tremendous services. Director General Punjab Food said Dr Faisal Masood played a dynamic role in securing the future of the nation and improving food quality. He added, in upcoming PFA Board meeting, Medical Screening Laboratory Lahore will be proposed to be named of Prof. Dr. Faisal Masood.

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