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Presidential system may disintegrate the country : Siraj ul Haq

Lahore : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the elements talking of the presidential system were pushing the country towards chaos and disintegration. He was addressing the opening session of the newly elected central Shoora of the JI at Mansoora on Thursday.

Sirajul Haq said that the 1973 constitution had been unanimously adopted and if it was made controversial, the nation could never agree on another constitution

He said that there were serious threats to the constitution under the present government. He however agreed that there were several flaws in the 18th amendment which should be rectified.

He said that as a result of the 2018 general elections, the situation in the country had gone worse instead of bringing any improvement.

Sirajul Haq said that the country a present needed an alternative leadership. However, he made it clear that the JI would not be a party to the politics of the PPP or the Muslim league.

  “ We believe that Pakistan needs the Islamic system of government as much as it needs sunlight and water”, he said.  However, he said, that dictatorship was the biggest hurdle in the way of the Islamic system.

“ What is the need for military courts when the civil courts are functioning, “  he asked.  How can there be two judicial systems and two parallel governments, he asked.

Continuing, Sirajul Haq said that the presidential system implied the government of the World Bank technocrats and such a government would neither have people’s representation nor it would attend to the voice of the masses, he added.   

He said the present government was a heard of opportunists who had been brought together under one party. He said the people had hoped that the PTI government would be able to put the country on road to progress within three years time after controlling price hike,  poverty, unemployment and energy crisis. However, he said, the government had collapsed within nine months and the economic situation had worsened.  The country’s politics had been held hostage and the policy making institutions were idle, and watching the helplessness of the people.

Sirjaul Haq said that the Muslim Ummah was facing numerous challenges as the anti Islam forces wanted to divide the Umamh on regional and sectarian grounds to weaken its unity.  He said the Muslims unity was being harmed by propagating Sufi Islam and political Islam. Difficulties were being created in the way of the Islamic movements. The Islamic movement  in Egypt and the Jamaat e islami in Bangladesh and Kashmir were being crushed. Thousands of their workers and leaders had been put behind the bars and several JI leaders had been executed in Bangladesh.  However, he said, the Pakistan government had remained a silent spectator all the time. 

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