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Young doctors to impart modern training in the medical field : Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tayyab

Lahore : Principal Post Graduate Medical Institute & Ameer Uddin Medical College Prof. Dr. Mohammad Tayyab has called upon the young doctors to impart modern training in the medical field and remain ready to face challenges of the present era.

He said that human life is most precious and important thing for which all the medical set up has been developed as well as doctors and nurses must try to save each and every patient irrespective of intensity.

Prof. Mohammad Tayyab expressed these views while addressing one day Hands on Training & Workshop on BLS/ACLS held under the aegis of Surgical Unit III here at Lahore General Hospital.

Chief guest Prof. Mohammad Khalid Bashir in his address said that such kind of training workshops have very important role in the providing skills to the young doctors and especially in the field of Surgical there is dire need to keep someone updated on the latest developments taking place in the field of medical around the globe.

He said that doctors should apply new techniques for the early and complete recovery of their patients and for this purpose such kind of training workshops should take place on permanent basis so that they can equip themselves on day to day basis.

Head of the Department of Surgical Unit III Prof. Mohammad Farooq Afzal said that in this department training workshops are being arranged on regular schedule which provide opportunities to the medical students and working doctors to further enhance their knowledge and cope with the modern requirements as well. Dr. Amna Javed, Dr. Shabeer Chaudhary, Dr. Ahmed Naeem, Dr. Malik Shabeer and Dr. Farman Ali were also among speakers while Dr. Abdul Salam Sajid and Dr. Usman Zeeshan also took part in the proceedings of Hands on Training & Workshop of Surgical Unit III which took place at Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences.

In the lectures it was told that in case of any accident or fracture it is much important to restore the breathing and heartbeat for which doctors should immediately concentrate.

Senior Doctors delivered lectures on the basic principle of surgical methods while practical training sessions were also held for the young doctors in which they expressed deep interest while medical students also attended this workshop in a large number.

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