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Government to give employment or unemployment allowance to youth : Jawad ahmad

Lahore : Chairman Barabri party Pakistan Jawad Ahmad said that this country belongs to the 99 percent, meaning middle and working class and youth. Not just of those one percent mafias who have looted the country.

For the past 70 years a system of looting and plundering of resources has been established in Pakistan that we want to change with the power of the 99 per cent. This is our legal, constitutional and political battle. According to article 3 of 1973 constitution, state is responsible for providing employment to all. But even after 46 years, none of the governments has implemented it. He said that Imran Khan built his politics on 3 slogans, corruption, rigging and Nawaz Sharif, Shahnaz Sharif being the only thieves.
Corruption is part and parcel of capitalist system and now in the free market, its rate has increased. You come across it even in the USA, UK, Japan, or Germany.
Prosperity and poverty have to be seen in the context of GDP and population ratio. Prosperity increases with increasing GDP but according to the World Bank’s recent report, Pakistan’s total GDP is only $ 275 billion and its population is 220 million whereas USA’s GDP is $ 9000 billion against a population of only 320 million.
Pakistan’s economy is 73 percent black and only 27 percent white or documented.
Real problems in the country are poverty and unemployment. 30 million children do not attend school. There is no clean drinking water and half of Pakistan is deprived of water sewerage.

People die due to lack of health care access. These are the bigger problems which have not been solved because country has been looted across the board. The only party which can solve these problems will be which comes into power with the support and through a movement of middle and working class and youth.

The solution is not in widening the Tax Net only. The way to end poverty, hunger and exploitation is for the state to set up industry, develop agriculture sector by bringing the looted money back with state power and improve provision of social services.

We pledge to do that with the help of the power of 99 percent. We invite you to join us and help us change this outdated system. He said these things in a rally in front of Lahore press club, organized by Barabri party Pakistan against unemployment. In this rally people were carrying party and Pakistan flags as well as play cards with slogans like, ‘Rulers! Implement Article 3 of the constitution’, ‘Give employment or unemployment allowance’ ‘From each according to one’s ability, To each according to one’s work’ ‘No contract labour’, ‘No bonded labour’, ‘Minimum monthly wage Rs 50000’ ‘We 99% demand prosperous Pakistan for all’.

Before the end of rally, party vice chairperson Dr. Shahnaz Khan addressed the rally. She said that we demand our constitutional right are fulfilled. The current ruling elite consisting of mafias and corrupt leaders has to be rooted out. These are the people who transfer their wealth to off shore companies and banks outside Pakistan. Nothing can change unless this problem is addressed.

Lahore committee chairman Nouman Qureshi, General secretary Kashif Ali, Labor secretary Tariq Awan, members Central Committee Maqsood Mujahid and Raza Mahoon as well as minority leader S. M. Babar Shah also addressed the rally.

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