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PTI has to respect the parliament to earn support : Ayaz Sadiq

Lahore : PML- N Central Leader Sardar Ayaz Sadiq while welcoming Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s invitation to consultation has said that the Foreign Minister should deliver whatever briefing is necessary on the floor of the national assembly.

Ayaz told Shah Mahmood that the joint opposition has decided that the PTI government needed to give the house its due respect and importance in order to earn the support of the members of the house.

Former Speaker National Speaker pointed out that no matter how grave the national issue might be, the Prime Minister believes it to be below him to engage with the parliament, which is not acceptable. He reminded Qureshi that in the past the Prime Minister had opted out of something as important as the Kashmir Conference.

He said that the opposition had played a constructive and positive role on key issues like the defence, economy and security of the country ever since the PTI came into power he said. The opposition would not allow the government to use real national challenges for political point scoring, he warned.

He said that Imran Khan’s dichotomy of cussing with half his tongue and calling for consultation with the other half would not be accepted by the opposition. The Prime Minister would need to prove through consistent actions that he respects and honors the august parliament and all its members.

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