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Newly promoted officers pinned new ranks

Lahore : Punjab Police’s newly promoted officers were honoured at CPO in a simple but graceful ceremony of pinning new ranks.

Chief Secretary Punjab Yosaf Naseem Khokhar and Inspector General of Police Punjab Amjad Javaid Saleemi pinned the ranks to 2 AIGs Inam Ghani , Naeem Akram Bharoka and 8DIGs Jawad Ahmad Dogar , Imran Ahmar ,Zubair Dreshak ,Ahsan Yonas , Rai Babar Saeed Gohar Mushtaq Bhutta Capt (R) Ata Muhammad ,Afzaal Ahmad Kosar.

DIG Jawad Ahmad Dogar joined police Service in 1993. He is from 21common ,Imran Ahmar started work in police service in 2000 and the rest of 6 DIGs are of 38 common and joined police group in 2001.

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