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CTD also registered FIR of fake encounter

Lahore : Though police station Yosafwala Sahiwal had lodged FIR against CTD officials for fake encounter in which 4 people killed ,no progress was made on it and meantime CTD police have registered FIR of Sahiwal Tragedy ,terming the incident an encounter and wrote the whole false story in FIR which had been proved wrong with the mobile clips and statements of eyewitness .

CTD insisted that Zeeshan Javaid was a terrorist and his vehicle was being used by DAESH Network. He had given refuge to the Network. The dangerous Network was involved in several high profile terrorist activities including killings & Bombings. There was a threat alert that terrorists would attack office of an Intelligence Agency on 20 January. It was essential to arrest the terrorists to save the public from terrorism. Hence, Operation was launched jointly with ISI.

Zeeshan’s car had tinted glasses where people on rear seat were not visible. He had to carry explosives to South Punjab and needed a cover. He misused his position and gave ride to the Khalil family. The Khalil family had apparently no knowledge about vehicle being used by terrorists. Hence, they accepted the ride.

This vehicle was under joint surveillance of ISI & CTD. It was also being monitored by IC3 (Safe City) Cameras. Yesterday, the Safe City staff Camera spotted the vehicle going towards Sahiwal & informed the CTD & ISI. The CTD Team Sahiwal was deployed to intercept the vehicle near Sahiwal.

When it was intercepted, it was accompanied by a motorcycle also with 02 riders. When intercepted, the driver Zeeshan & motorcycle riders opened fire at the CTD Team. A shootout started. The driver got killed.

Unfortunately, the Khalil family’s 3 members became victim of circumstances. The car had tinted glasses & passengers on back seat were not visible. Only 02 male passengers on front seat were visible. When CTD Team came under fire, a shootout was a natural consequence. It was very unfortunate that women & children were sitting in back seat. Safe City Camera has only shown front seat passengers and they were males. The death of Khalil, his wife & daughter is very unfortunate consequence of being at a wrong place and at a wrong time.
Video clips being played on media are post Incident. No firing took place after the shootout. Speculations may be avoided.
Punjab is safe from terrorism for no magic. It is because of hard work by the CTD Punjab. People should not forget that there were 43 big incidents of terrorism in 2014.

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