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Ch Shujaat accept Fawad Ch’s apology

Lahore : Ch Shujaat Hussain has said regarding Fawad Chaudhry’s statement that it is our kindness that we have not made forward block in Q-League that Fawad Chaudhry has realized his mistake and he has also apologized, this thing should not be stretched any further otherwise only the opponents will benefit from it.

In a statement issued here today (Wednesday), he said although the members of Pakistan Muslim League are less but it should be remembered that this very Pakistan Muslim League has been in the power with two-third majority, governments come and go, parties are at times in the government and other time in the opposition, our party had entered into alliance with Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf in the best interests of the country and for solution of the crisis.

Ch Shujaat Hussain said that in the crisis through which the country is passing through presently instead of making personal attacks, one should become party towards solving these crisis, minimum all should work together on one agenda together and that is improving the economy, if we cannot do that then there will be flood of price hike which will sweep away every one, big or small, particularly the salaried class will be hit the hardest by it, as such let better sense prevail instead of making personal attacks. 

Ch Moonis Elahi had strongly reacted to the statement of Fawad Ch and warned that it could lead to end the coalition , upon that Fawad Ch reacted and tender apology.

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