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Opposition is reaping what they sowed : Aleem Khan

Lahore : Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan has said that opposition is reaping what they sowed and that was the reason the laws made for others are today being implemented upon themselves.

He added that while being in power it was never imagined that one day Mian Sahab and their allies would be one day out of power.

He expressed this while talking to media outside Punjab Assembly here today. He questioned that why no remedy was sought on the questions being raised today by the opposition for getting relief for themselves.

He said that Hamza Shahbaz should be questioned that why Abdul Aleem Khan was interrogated after taking part in the bye-election of NA 122 and proceeding was started on baseless allegations. 

Abdul Aleem Khan congratulated all the party workers and leadership on getting success in bye election of PP 168 and said that no government power was used in this constituency. He said that PTI lost in different areas in bye elections but no one could put allegation that any government machinery has been used like nawaz league.

Abdul Aleem Khan claimed that though this victory margin is very thin yet we are hopeful that journey of success will continue in future .

Replying a question, Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan said that new political traditions have been set in the country and now Government machinery is not used for political motives. He said that our political opponents are also unable to point out finger that Sui gas, WAPDA or other any functionary is used for getting victory anywhere. 

On a question, Abdul Aleem Khan said that there is no provision in Punjab Assembly for issuing production orders for some member so Speaker cannot do anything for Khawaja Salman Rafiq. He said that hue and cry in this regard is useless and nawaz league will have to think that why attention was not paid on such points while they were in power.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that as far conflict of interest is concerned any member will have to be answerable on it and one should take care of it. 

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