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JI chief condemns parliamentarians for not supporting bill on banning liquor

Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has condemned the US decision placing Pakistan on Black List on the charge of lack of religious freedom and has termed it the worst example of US bias and hostility towards this country.

Strongly reacting to the US move, the JI chief said that while the minorities in Pakistan enjoyed constitutional freedom to practice their religion, the Muslims in America and European countries were being denied religious rights and the US was patronizing anti Muslim activities all over the world.

Siraj ul Haq said that the US had been the greatest hurdle in the solution of the Palestine and Kashmiris sues although the Amnesty International and the Human Right bodies in their reports had admitted the genocide of the Muslims in these areas.

He said that even in the US, Muslim children and innocent women were being maltreated and tortured on the basis of religious bias. Muslims ladies were being publicly attacked and ridiculed and their veils and scarves were being removed by force but no action was taken against the offenders.

Meanwhile, the JI chief has condemned the attitude of the government and the opposition members in the National Assembly disallowing a Bill moved by a Hindu MNA for total ban on the consumption of liquor.  He said the walk out by the MNAs except those of the MMA was tantamount to inviting Allah’s wrath and proved ignorance of the Islamic teachings.         

JI deputy chief Dr. Farid Ahmed Piracha,while condemning the US decision,  said in his statement that  Pakistan’s constitution granted full protection to the minorities and allowed them freedom to practice their religion. He further said that the and the judiciary was strong and was protecting the minorities rights. On the other had, he said, in the US itself, basic human rights were being denied and the US had committed the greatest state terrorism in human history.  He urged the Pakistan government to reject the US pressure on this score.

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