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NAB ashamed Pakistani nation by cuffing senior scholars

Lahore : Dozing with overwhelming powers NAB ashamed Pakistani nation by cuffing senior scholars in unlawful appointment case . The senior professors who even could not walk without support were handcuffed to appear them before the court for taking remand to further investigate the matter .

They were neither dacoits nor plunderers who looted people or national exchequer but they were disgraced to the extent to die with shame . The cops never felt the humiliation while taking the handcuffed teachers to the court as they used to such practice but the NAB authorities comprising of highly educated people also could not sense this shameful behaviour.

When national media broadcasted the news of around 70 years old teachers taken to court with handcuff ,bowdown the head of every sensitive Pakistani with shame as teachers never deserve such treatment by any law enforcing agency.

The video clip of handcuffed teachers become viral on social media that buy bad name for the country ,people commented to condemned the act with critics that how senior scholars being treated in Pakistan.

Meanwhile ; Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr Justice Saqib Nisar has taken notice of the sad incident and summoned DG NAB Lahore and DIG Ops to appear before Supreme Court Lahore Registry on Saturday to express their version .

On the other hand ; Chairman NAB Justice (R) Javaid Iqbal has also taken the notice of the incident and sought report from DG NAB Lahore , he directed to hold inquiry on it within 3 days and submit report in this regard.

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