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Police arrest Dr Hanan on killing his friend Wajahat Hassan

Lahore : Police has arrested Dr Hanan on killing his friend Wajahat Hassan. Dr Hanan tried to deceive the police by by changing his getup and shaving his head to save himself from arrest but he could not make it due to the sharp eyes and info  of the cops.

Police had found the 23-year-old boy body , named Wajahat Hassan Khalil, who was missing from the 4th day of Eid Ul Adha . His body was found in a suitcase at Niazi bus station in a very miserable condition. The cause of the brutal murder remained unknown.

This heartbreaking news causes a storm on social media, with everyone demanding a police investigation and justice. Twitter users used the hashtag #justiceforwajahat to bring attention to the case.

The successful social media campaign pressurized the city police as they used every option to investigate the case and ultimately they found CCTV footage from Punjab Safe City Authority in which a man was seen carrying and dropping the briefcase at Niazi Ada.

This man later identified as Dr Hanan, a friend of the victim Wajahat Hassan . Further investigation is underway to bring more truth and facts into the light.



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