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PPP candidate from NA – 124 Ch Zaheer Ahmad surrenders

Lahore: PPP candidate from NA-124 surrendered election in favour of PTI candidate Nauman Qaisar and put PTI scarf on his neck .

Ch Zaheer Ahmad made announcement in a press conference after having meeting with Ch Sarwar.

At this moment Ch Sarwar said PTI wanted fair , free and transparent elections . He welcomed PPP candidate’s withdrawal in favour of PTI.

On the occasion Ch Zaheer alleged that PPP was supporting PML-N in Lahore and Punjab . PPP ‘s organizations hatched conspiracy to weakened him . Now he will go to door to door and beg vote for PTI , Ch Zaheer promised.

PPP lamented Ch Zaheer on turning coat and said he was a certified” Lota” . He was awarded party ticket on the recommendation of an important personality residing in Islamabad.

PPP Lahore president Aziz ur Rehman said Ch Zaheer used to be a fellow of Meraj Muhammad ,later he joined Millat Party than PML-Q and than joined PPP . If he does not want to contest elections on PPP ticket why he come to us and did not go to PTI.

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