Sunday , June 7 2020
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Caretaker govt suspends PML-N workers democratic rights

Lahore : The caretaker govt has suspended PML-N workers democratic rights to make election moves or political meetings.

They are facing state restrictions like they had met in General Musharraf regime.

Soon after Nawaz Sharif announcement to come to Pakistan to give arrest , police started imponding containters for blocking roads leading towards Airport and started raids for the arrest of PML-N workers to flop Nawaz Sharif reception as they have no right to live freely in the country. Police have arrested chairman union council Awais Cheema, Rafiq Gujjar , Bao Rafiq , Muhammad Ali .

PML-N workers are protesting outside police station Shafiqabad , islampura , Misrishah for the release of their arrested fellows.

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