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The caretaker pushed Lahorites to stoneage

Lahore ; To defame the governace of Shahbaz Sharif , caretaker government in Punjab has shown extremely careless attitude towards city during and after rain. The whole city witnessed stagnant water everywhere on the roads but WASA staff could not be seen working in recent past during PML-N government.

Rains were not new for the resident but water on the roads was new to them as CM Shahbaz Sharif himself monitor the WASA teams to drain rain water by running disposal pumps wearing long shoes even during the rain.

Tuesday rain caused a different experience for the Lahorites as no govt official was on the roads to make arrangements for drainage of rain water .Stopping funds for Orange Train project already slow down the work pace which caused heavy loss too.The rescue 1122 had to launch boat service first time in the history of the city.

The rain water badly affect the project and made a sink hole on the Mall.

Hundreds of feeders got trip in the morning caused blackout in Lahore and light could not be restored in many areas of the city till next morning .The unfortunate thing was the caretakers attitude towards the public issues.

The effecttees lodged complaints at their concerned sub divisional offices of LESCO but staff did not paid attention and gave priority to posh areas to show efficiency and people from rest of the areas left upon their fate.

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