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The rich leaders of the poor nation

Lahore : The elections 2018 nomination papers have revealed that how rich and liar are the leaders of the nation who just don’t have the courage to admit how much money and property they have only to avoid paying taxes.

The miracle of these leaders is that they have valued the property of millions in just a few thousands which being discussed as fun on social media.

Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto has stated the value of 200 yards banglow in Karachi Clifton of only Rs 3 millions which may be the price in early 80s or 70s but in 2018 it’s minimum value would be Rs 300 to 400 millions .

Ameer Jamat -e-Islami while making fun of the price offered Bilawal Bhutto that he is ready to buy this banglow in Rs 5 million if it is really worth of Rs 3 millions . Jamaat-e- Islami would establish a Orphan House here if they sale it to us ,he added.

Imran Khan has claimed that his Farm House of 300 Kanals in Bani Gala is worth Rs 13 millions which is actual price would be around 100  Crores . He claimed that he has no car or means of transport.

PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif claimed that his 29 Marla house in Murree Kashmir point is of Rs 27 thousands and the other worth is Rs 34 thousands , this money was taken by hotel owners for just 2 days stay at Murree Mall Road on Eid .

Former federal minister Kh Saad Rafiq has made mockery with the people by claiming that his house in Lohari Gate is valued of just one lakh and 25 thousands. He fixed same price for his brother’s house too.

The said price could have been before the partition and setting up of Pakistan but in these it can never be less than Rs multi millions.

Kh Saad Rafiq owned a bungalow in DHA phase 2 valuing 4.82 Crore , 16  Kanals in Cantt , a marketing and consulting company , 1.4 crore cash ,jewelry and prize bonds , 2.5 lakh furniture , 1.15 cash in bank.

He has 2 wives Ghazala Saad and Dr Shafaq Hira ,2 daughters and a son. He claimed all his assets are worth Rs 17 .84 Crores which is merely a lie. Many people offering him 30 crores for all his property and other valuables.

Maryam Nawaz who had claimed that she does not have any property , is the richest woman of PML-N. In her assets declaration ,she admitted that she has shares in 5 mills including Ch Sugar mills , Hudaibiya Papers Mills , Hudaibiya Engineering pvt Limited , Hamza Spinning Mills and Muhammad Bakhsh Textile Mills.

She owned 1506 kanal and one Marla agricultural land , she has invested Rs 3.4 Millions in under construction floor Mills of the family .She has given loan of Rs 7 Millions to Soft Energy PVT Limited .

She received gifts of 4 Crore 92 lakh and 77 thousands . She has borrowed 2.89 Crore from her brother Hassan Nawaz.

PML-N president Shahbaz Sharif owned 172 Kanal land ,shares in 5 mills including Hamza Spinning Mills and Hudaibiya Paper Mills , owned one Land Cruiser and a bank balance of Rs 1.4002694 Crore .

He has 2 wives Nusrat Shahbaz and Tehmina Durrani .

Shahbaz Sharif claimed his house in murree has a value of just Rs 27 Thousand and the other house is worth RS 34 thousands , his 3 properties in London are merely valuing Rs 12.61 Crores. He received 88 Kanals in Sheikhupura and 568 Kanals in Lahore city as a gift from his mother.

Hamza Shahbaz has 155 Kanals ,shares in 21 companies and mills ,bank balance of Rs 43.70243 Lakhs ,Cash and prize bonds of Rs 16.88400 .

Her mother Nusrat Shahbaz is more rich than him as she owned a 10 kanal house in Model Town worth “Rs 12.87 ” Crores only ,9 kanal 5 marla land in Donga Gali ,Murree of just 5.78 crores , 809 kanal land in Kasur of just 26 Lakh which every one wants to buy at double price , she has shares in Ramzan Sugar Mills , Hamza Spinning Mills , Muhammad Bukhsh textile mills , kalsoom Textile mills , Mandi Trading , Sharof Poultry Farm , Sharif Dairy Farm , Ramzan Energy, Sharif Milk , Crystal Plastic , Quality Chicken and Al-Arabia Sugar Mills ,jewelry of 17 lakhs ,bank balance of 1. 89 Crores ۔

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