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Nomination papers of Major (r) Sher Muhammad accepted for NA – 85

Mandi Bahauddin: Nomination papers of Major retired Sher Muhammad Gondal Advocate for NA – 85 accepted without any objection.

Talking to media persons after scrutiny of nomination papers, Sher Gondal said aim of Mustaqbil Pakistan Party was to end monopoly and domination of dynastic and traditional politics. He said his party believes that if traditional and dynastic politicians remain in power status quo will not be broken; prevailing corruption and injustice will continue.

He said it is duty of every citizen to see performance and conduct of politicians who since creation of Pakistan have been exploiting the poor inhabitants of this Pak land. As a result of their selfish designs national economy is on brick of collapse. Poverty was increasing and sky rocketing prices have made it difficult for the poor to make both ends meet.

He said current elections were opportune time for rejecting politicians who had failed to perform up to expectations of voters. He said he would work to his full capabilities to improve lot of the people if turned victorious in the election.

He would ensure police and district administration works without taking bribes from the citizens and provide relief to complainants on merit.

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