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Senator Sirajul Haq to contest from NA 7 Lower Dir

Lahore : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, on Thursday, filed his nomination papers from NA 7 Lower Dir. Large number of JI workers were present on the occasion.

Addressing the party workers at the spot, Sirajul Haq said that unless and until honest and competent people returned to the assemblies, the problems of the country and the nation could not be solved.

He said that the MMA wanted to open the doors of the corridors of power to the general public. He urged the Election Commission to ensure the implementation of the code of conduct for elections.

He said that the corrupt elite, feudal lords and vaderas had been holding the elections as hostage with the power of their wealth and influence and the election results were altered.  He said that the Election Commission would have to make effective arrangements to check rigging and other malpractices.

The JI chief said that corrupt and dishonest people could not bring about any change. He said that even in the present elections, the same faces were being seen which had been sucking the blood of the masses in the past.

He said that change of faces had brought nothing to the people. The elite returning to the assemblies through public vote had been building personal empires while the lot of the common man remained unchanged.

He said that in such conditions, the masses would have to bring forth such persons from among themselves as considered politics a form of worship and were committed to solving their problems.

He said the 2018 elections were the best opportunity for the masses to bring about a change and vote for the honest, neat and clean candidates of the MMA. He assured the masses that the MMA after coming to power, would evolve a fool proof system of accountability so that not even the most powerful could escape.

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