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Brain tumor removed in 14 hours’ long operation at LGH

After 14 hours’ long complicated operation of brain tumor has been removed successfully at Lahore General Hospital where 28 years’ Kishwer resident of Rawalpindi was under treatment.

Neuro Surgeon Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood along with his team Dr. Mohammad Akmal and Dr. Mohammad Hassan Raza took part in this operation and removed tumor from the very sensitive part of brain while this process is called “Petroclival Meningioma” and it is one of its own kind.

Husband of Kishwer told that they visited many hospitals to get treatment of this disease but everywhere they got medicines and operation was also recommended but no doctor picked her for operation.

After sometime when he came Lahore General Hospital, Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood thoroughly checked her up and after necessary tests admitted Kishwer in Lahore General Hospital where she successfully was operated and the hardworking of doctors was fruitful and her wife came out of this chronic disease.

He told that were already disappointed as one crore rupees were required to get her treated abroad and they were not having such amount. Kishwer and her husband and other family members prayed for the doctors and team members as  now she would be living normal life.

Kishwer praised this process of operation and called it a blessing in the country which able her to serve her family and husband. Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood congratulated the patient and her family and said that it all was the blessing of Allah Almighty who made this mission possible.

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