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Punjab government launches Job Asaan services for women

Lahore : Punjab government is providing every possible opportunity to the womenfolk for their holistic inclusion in the process of national development and economic prosperity. Establishment of women employment facility center entitled “Job Asaan-Employment Facilitation Hub for Women” is an important step towards that goal.

The female job-seekers will be fully trained about different matters pertaining to their economic prospects including job search, CV writing, fundamental training and self- protection against harassment at workplaces so that the women could perform their duties with self-confidence and courage.

Provincial Finance Minister Dr. Ayesha Ghaus Pasha stated this while addressing the Job Asaan Sahulat Center at Gulberg, here today. The center has been set up under the aegis of Punjab Commission on the Status of Women to facilitate the job-seeking girls.

Addressing the function, the Minister said that women are 48 percent of the population and therefore, cannot be kept away from the process of development. Their proactive participation in all walks of life including trade and economic activities will expedite the process of growth and development at the grassroots.

She stressed upon the dire need to increase awareness, opportunities and trainings for females to enter the job-market for economic self-sustainability.

She said that Punjab government is playing its role by providing equal opportunities of education and socio-economic growth to the womenfolk. Girls have been given equal share in different educational programs including PEEF and PEF. It is, therefore, up to the womenfolk to take maximum benefit of the opportunities available to them for excelling in life, she added.

She said that Punjab Commission has taken an important step by launching Job Asaan Center adding that she hopes that this center will make it easier for the needy girls to get suitable employment opportunities. She hoped that PCSW will ensure setting up such centers in all the 36 districts of the province.

Chairperson of PCSW Ms. Fauzia Viqar said that one of the key barriers in female employment is lack of technical and soft skills. The center is designed to offer a range of support services to women; enabling them to locate, pursue and find suitable employments and careers. For women with logistical constraints, Job Asaan services can be availed by calling the Punjab Commission’ toll free helpline 1043. Callers will be registered with the online portal and get appointments with Job Asaan’s staff according to their convenience, she said.

She said that Job Asaan shall also provide necessary awareness to the employers regarding relevant labor and harassment laws.

In addition, job fairs will be arranged at the center to link beneficiaries with prospective employers. It is expected that at least 3000 women will benefit from the center in the initial phase of the project till December 2018. In the long run, she said that PCSW envisions setting up multiple employment centers in different cities across the province.

Meanwhile, Chairperson PCSW Fauzia Viqar also gave media briefing to the journalists at the DGPR office today and disclosed that Job Asaan Center has started functioning from Thursday with the establishment of pioneering office in Gulberg. These centers will provide necessary awareness and technical assistance to the women about their rights and legal protection against harassment at workplaces.

She said that online job portal is also placed at where needy girls can get information about suitable jobs. It is expected that this facility will go a long way in facilitating the needy women to improve their job prospects and play an active role in the economic prosperity of their families, she added.

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